TOYO BEAUTY is committed to managing your personal information prudently and protecting your privacy as best as we could by our below guideline.
Please do not use this website if you are not in agreement with all the conditions.

Collection of personal information

We collect personal information for purpose of providing better service to our customers.
We only collect minimum requisite information to achieve our purposes. Upon handling personal information,
we will comply with laws, ordinances, national guidelines and other regulations regarding personal information protection.

Protection and control of personal information

We conduct appropriate management for collected personal information and endeavor to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and unauthorized access.
We will not disclose the information without getting confirmation from customer.
In addition, no one would be able to browse the personal information by visiting our site.

Use of personal information

We shall only use personal information for below purposes.

  • For providing accurate information of products and services to our customers:
  • For identification of getting service:
  • To improve our website:
  • For developing new service:
  • To make contact to customers in case of necessity:

Improvement of Privacy Policy

If the necessity for revision occurs, we implement a timely improvement.