Saga Factory

Our Saga Plant features one of Toyo Beauty's most expansive production facilities
with the capacity to address a wide range of customer demands
and specifications. Its open construction allows visitors to see the safety
and reliability we put in our products.

The Saga Factory, which is our production base in Kyushu, started operations in April 2019.
It is our largest factory with a maximum annual production capacity of about 50,000 tons.
This bright, glass-walled factory has a special passage for tours
as well as a museum where you can learn about our history.
As a “transparent factory” where visitors can see the processes behind making cosmetics,
we promise to deliver safety and reliability to all our customers.

  • Address
    694-1, Yanagishima, Chiyoda-cho, Kanzaki-shi, Saga, 842-0062, JAPAN
    Site area
    Site area 39,377㎡ / Building area (Floor area) 32,448㎡
    Manufacturing Facilities
    Vacuum emulsification mixers(400L〜13,000L)/ Stirring vat / Deionized water unit
    Filling and packing facilities
    Tube filling equipment / Liquid filling equipment / Liquid and cream filling equipment / Pouch filling equipment / Shrink film packing equipment
  • Facility Tour Path

    We have set up a special factory tour walking path at our Saga Plant to give a behind the scenes look at the magic that goes into our operations. This path provides a glimpse to visitors from both near and far -- regardless of their industry -- of our company's inner workings and our cosmetic manufacturing process.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing facilities are equipped with 13 vacuum emulsion tanks (400L to 13,000L in size). Our production system is capable of meeting clients' demands for both small and large lot production operations covering a wide range of cosmetics. This includes skincare items such as facial cleansing foams, creams and lotions (toners) as well as haircare items such as shampoos and conditioners.

  • Rest Area

    At our Saga Plant, we have set up a special rest area furnished with massage chairs and a traditional Japanese room for people to unwind. In our activity room, employees can refresh both body and mind with a series of facilities such as billiard, ping pong and foosball tables as well as bouldering and putting practice spaces.

  • Production Line

    Our filling room for filling various types of cosmetic containers has an ISO Class 7 cleanroom rating (class 10,000 cleanroom in US Federal Standards), and our packaging room where we complete the product has an ISO Class 8 rating (class 100,000 cleanroom in US Federal Standards). The filling lines are equipped with a wide range of machinery designed for creams, bottles, tubes and more.

  • ISO22716: Cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

    Saga Factory have gained certificate of Cosmetic GMP ''ISO 22716:2007'' on March 2014. (Production, control, storage and shipping of cosmetic and quasi-drug)

    • Acquired cosmetic GMP - GMP guideline of ISO 22716 in October 2019.