Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Pursue complete "safety" and "reassurance" and respond to customer's trust.
To do this, we commit to execute followings:

  • ''Satisfaction of our customers'' is our motto. To achieve this goal we focus on developing a cosmetic with functionality to deliver cosmetics which all dreamed of. We will collect and record all the data to prove and express our functionality. We are determined to take untiring efforts to improve our technique and R&D capabilities.
  • Always think outside the box to meet our customer's expectation. Product must be safe and stable and lead time for production must be short. Continue improving the effectiveness of quality management system.
  • Achieve annual profit target for social contribution and employee satisfaction.
  • Distribute information about quality policy to the whole organization by in-company communication tools to keep all personnel informed including all department heads. We declare that we set up, verify and review the quality and action goal of company and each department, and always challenge new process to achieve quality policy.

May 1st, 2020
IWASE Fumiaki

ISO9001: Quality management system (ISO9001:2015)

  • All of our business sites certified according to ISO9001, Quality Management system specified by the International Organization for Standardization in September, 1999.We will deliver you products with satisfaction.(Design, development, and manufacturing of cosmetics and quasi-drugs)

"Osaka's Excellent Manufacturing Company Prize" from the Osaka Prefectural Government.

  • We have been selected as one of the Osaka's superb small and medium-sized enterprises in 2008.

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