Environmental Activity Status

Environmental Activity Status

Environmental Activity Status

We voluntarily and positively work on reducing environmental loads and CSR activities related to the environment.

Reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2)

  • To prevent the global warming, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases including CO2. We work for reduction of greenhouse gases at the all business sites and reduction of heat from the equipment and facilities and energy use in the factory. Additionally, we positively change refrigerant to HFCs when replacing and newly installing air conditioners at each business site.

Development design with extra consideration to the environment.

  • We positively promote development design considering the environmental matters such as PRTR legal requirement for the customers. Specifically, we pay attention to the influence on a human health and the environmental pollution, and we make an effort not to use PRTR chemical substances as long as possible when selecting raw materials.

Waste water treatment

  • Waste water treatment plant is equipped in each factory which maintains system for periodical water quality inspection and prevents water pollution. In addition, the polluted mud and the waste oil generated from the water treatment process are recycled into the cement raw material.

Community Contribution

  • Each establishment participates to the local cleanup activities. Also, to bequeath an enriched environment to subsequent generations, we donate to Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund for protecting and breeding activities of nature, wild life animals, and plants. Moreover, we collect clothes and umbrellas from employees and donate to the NPO organization for recycle.

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